Is It Possible to Protect One’s Ears from Sensory Overload?

The autism spectrum encompasses several neuro-developmental ailments. These can include Asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) and autism. All together, they are known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Symptoms and Consequences of Autism Spectrum Disorders:

The indications of Autism Spectrum Disorders are typically the same as that of autism. They include:

• Lack of social and communication skills

• Disinterest in most things

• Repetitive behaviour or activities

• Atypical movements

• Lack of sense of attachment and belonging

• A fixed range of facial expressions

However, the “spectrum” part of this disorder can comprise some acute and substantial symptoms that may vary in their type and severity. Long-term complications and consequences of it can include:

• Difficulties in day-to-day life management

• Incoherent speech

• Inability to comprehend things

• Hypersensitivities

• Impaired social and interaction skills

ASD, Sensory Overload and Hearing:

Autism Spectrum Disorders can lead to a condition called sensory overload. It is related to hypersensitivities associated with colours, sounds, etc.

The effect of reduce sensory overload on hearing leads to an excess or surplus of noises and sounds. Autistic people receive this barge of sounds all at once. It can lead to a burden on the ears and minds of the affected individual, leaving a feeling of strain or stress on their minds. This overload can eventually result in a mental breakdown.

Protection of Hearing from Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Suffering from autism does not make a person any different from us. It merely implies that they are a bit more sensitive. However, the necessity to ease their feelings of estrangement and prevent or diminish the sensory overload gathered by their ears arises. Thus, doctors recommend the suffering individuals to go for autism friendly headphones, plugs or ear defender.

• Noise Reduction Headphones: For autistic people suffering from severe noise sensitivity, it is arduous for them to be in and around noisy places. As such, noise-cancelling headphones for autism block, diminish and cancel out the excessive noises. They constitute materials that can filter the decibels of sounds received and work best in lowering the volume. These headphones help those suffering from autism experience tranquillity.

• Noise Ear Defenders: These serve as full-ear protectors and block most of the sounds received by the ears. Contrary to the headphones, they can be a bit bulky and heavy. Hence, one must carefully adjust them so as not to get a sore head and ears.

• Autism Ear Plugs: Some people may not like the experience of using both noise reduction headphones and ear defenders. For them, autism earplugs work the best. Although these are less conspicuous, they do not fall short of the others of their kind and purpose. They are lightweight, and wearers can customize them according to their preferences.